Refresh Break

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Sometimes I wonder .. why we enjoy the refreshments? Is it the unique flavor ? Is it the sense of freshness found in every small bubble, or something else?

Perhaps the combination between taste, the frozen drops that run from the bottle, the sound when  you open it, and the bubbles tickle every part of your nose are probably the perfect recipe for success.

Each bottle is a memory  we spend with beloved friends.

And it is this combination that once entered into your head, does not come out easily ..

Maybe we don’t need more reasons .. for others it is the sweet taste, for others the icy sense that erases every thirst.

For me it’s all of the above, so I decided to put the refreshments  into the family of  Shine4ever …

The more the bottle is embossed the bigger is the challenge for me to dress it with shiny metal.And as I like to say ..

Enjoy till the Last Drop !!



FluFFy Memories

They say dog is man’s best friend. From the first moment that comes to our house small puppies stumbling among the furniture, chewing everything they find in their way until old age… they are here with us. Every minute of the day give us love without expecting anything in return. Unbound unconditionally. In an article in the New York Times JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF MASSON said “Dogs Never Lie About Love”. Those who lived next to dogs know exactly what I mean. For this reason, we decided to keep these moments with us forever.

I will not say more… but I will let your imagination wander among various ideas… maybe do something even better…

I am gonna wait your thoughts too…

Coming Soon …..  😉

Puppy paws.

Puppy paws!

50 years celebration of handmade artwork by PHILIPPAKIS ART – Big Contest!

Bronze paper knifesOn the occasion of 50 years celebrations of handmade artwork in our workshops we want to thank you for your confidence and support that you have shown us all these years and we organize a big contest with unique gifts of museum replicas.

A drawing for each month plus an additional one bonus, 12+1 = 13 for 2013!

To participate in the contest you must LIKE the picture on our page on facebook,  leave your comment and SHARE!

The first gift that will be drawn is a set of bronze paper knifes replicas of  spearheads from Ancient Olympia, in a gift box! A priceless work of art, a useful and unique gift that will surely be appreciated.

The draw will take place on Jan. 31, 2013! Every month one lucky winner will win a handmade work of art from  PHILIPPAKS ART workshops.

Happy new year and good luck to all!