Something new

“I watch everyday your beautiful and unique creations and i want to make my own personalized gift. When I saw your ad with the dog,immediately i knew what i wanted to do.

 4 years ago I adopted the most adventurous dog in the world and quickly became a member of my family and my life. I wish I could keep her forever with me but I know time is a difficult opponent. So as a fan of Shine4ever -where memories stay forever, i had an idea.

 What could be more beautiful than to impress the paw and then coat it with shiny metal? Before I even finish my thoughts I had already enter the shine4ever on Facebook  album “Techniques” and start working.

The process had many stages. At first a few teeth, then frustration and finally the growling.I didn’t mind at all.I could already see the result.

So I took the initiative to send you the template with the paw and my work here is finished.I trust you with her paw and looking forward to hearing from you!”


This was the note along with the paw that a friend sent to us.

We are always here for you! Keep sending us your thoughts and ideas!


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Pacifier mommy pacifier…


Even before your baby speaks he/shet stretches out his/her little hand to ask for it. I think all new moms, the first thing they buy for their babies is the pacifier then the clothes, milk bottles, toys and etc

It is the most personal item for your little one, it makes it calm, keeps it busy,and helps him/her fall asleep. The result is   sweet dreams at night for the baby and for the mommy .. :-)

We are all so sensitive with our memories, it is everything we are. However, as time passes images blur and fade away…

So, here at Shine4ever it is very important to us to keep your memories alive and shiny!

The first pacifier, is the first memory of your baby.

Here in our workshops we will coat it with shiny metals and colorful tassels …we can also engrave the date and it can easily be used as a gift on his/her day of birth.

Create a unique and personal gift and keep it forever!

Silver plated pacifier with a name carved upon, for a more personal gift, only in 


You & Me…4ever!

Two hears forming the symbol of infinity, tied together, in pure silver 925o degrees, with double black satin cord and silver claps. This is the jewellery we have designed, this year for your Valentine!

With love Shine4ever

Dimansions : 4cm-2cm

Price : 29,90 €


You & Me... 4ever!DSC03205