A wish that came true

For those who remember a few weeks ago a “friend” sent us here at Shine4ever the mold from her dog’s paw.


Shine4ever made ​​her wish come true and Bella’s paw is almost ready coated with shiny metal.



PS. We keep the last artistic details for a surprising Finale!!!



Spring is finally here!

Flowers bloom in every yard, the forest is now green and poppies are everywhere make their own presence.

Gather flowers! Make  your own personal bouquet here in Shine4ever, either with real flowers or synthetical

and create a unique bouquet that will shine forever!

Make your spring special, a beautiful memory and a very amazing  gift!

A new beginning

baby pipila

Spring is finally here ! Nature blossoms, new plant grow and you can see colors everywhere.

Yesterday  I saw the first poppy!

Spring is seen as a period of “growth”, renewal, of new life being born, is the season of fertility.

New moms bring babies to the world, new memories are been created.

I believe that the first memory stays with us forever

The first birth, the most breathtaking moment, the first cry, the first personal toy.

Pacifiers, clothes, shoes, toys, all a first memory of our baby.

Keep your first memories shining forever!


the first walkbaby toy

A shiny initial!


We were asked to create a special gift, a jewelry, deriving from the initial letter of her name.

Here at shine4ever, we always search for a unique design! In this case we were inspired by our Greek culture, and designed the “V” having in mind the Taurus of the Palace of Knossos in Crete.

We used silver 925 degrees with a black suede cord and now it was ready to be offered!

A perfect gift for yourself and for your loved ones.

Make your own Shiny initial !!!