A Silver Guitar Pick for Kinky Dagger!

kinky dagger sharpenedThe Kinky Dagger (Jenny-drums & backing vocals, Peter Jason-bass, Ilias & Bask-guitars, Lambrini-vocals) is a hard rock-heavy metal band that first came together in Athens in November 2009. It’ s a band with English lyrics and influences from both the classic rock scene of the 70s & 80s with bands like Led Zeppelin, Guns n ‘Roses and Thunder and the heavy rock and metal – “Stoner” scene of today with bands like Clutch, the Answer and Black Label Society.

After a few live performances and song writing, the departure of some members left the rather 80’s-influenced in those days group, in obscurity for a some time. In June 2012 Kinky Dagger re-shaped with some new members and in the winter of 2012-2013 made a comeback through live appearances with well known bands such as Telos Epohis and Delivers, introducing new songs, such as “Silence everywhere”. In the period that followed (the spring of 2013 until today), Dagger worked on new material, part of which was introduced at a live performance in last August and included “Dark path” and “Kinky Dagger thrill “.


This month the band is planning to get into the studio for the recording of their first demo, while participating in the quarter festival- contest organized by Remedy Club in Neo Iraklio, in Athens which starts in September 2013. There you will have the chance to enjoy and vote them !

For the Kinky Dagger Band, Shine4ever.gr made ​​sure that each one of the members has his own silver guitar pick. A precious gift, which beyond its aesthetic value as a jewellery bares for them a deeper meaning and identifies them because their logo was specially engraved on the silver guitar pick, so accurately, so clearly every corner and every texture. For them it’s a mean of connecting with each other and an object which “carries” all the beautiful memories and experiences from their musical journey.


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