An acorn turned into… a jewel!


Gold-plated acorn

belanidia 3

 Gold-plated acorns

In, we are looking forward to collaborations with artists, in order to create inspired masterpieces.

The artist here, asked us to help him create a necklace having as a key element the acorn. Based on his vision, we coated with copper 50 acorns in total and in the end, following the finishing and polishing procedure, we plated them with 24 carats gold.

We present to you the outcome, thereby sealing another unique collaboration of our workshops.


With love,


“Portal” video game silver rings!

Rings from the video game "Portal".

Today in we crafted a unique gift that every couple, gamers or not, will love! It is about the Portal rings, inspired by the famous video game Portal. In the game the player uses two Portals, one blue and one orange. These are connected with each other. That is, when you get into the one, you go out to the other. These rings symbolize unity. Wherever, you are, you are connected with Portals.

This set of rings was specially  handcrafted in solid silver, in our workshops here in Athens, Greece.

Rings from the video game "Portal".



Rings from the video game "Portal".