Summer vacations!

Silver-plated shell and copper stones

Silver-plated shell and copper stones

Summer vacations have arrived for us, as well, here at! We have been creating many nice things for you and your beloved ones so, it’s time to keep our hands at “ease”! Our workshops will be closed from 8 – 28/08/2014.

You can still place your orders through mail. All orders will be delivered from September 4th!

Enjoy your summer!!!

With love,


“Shine”…like Messi!

Messi Shoe & Pacifier

Lionel Messi has been honored with the golden boot in his career as the leading scorer in the European leagues, not once, not twice, but three times. The Argentinian superstar of Barcelona has won the award for the player with the highest league goal tally from the previous season for the seasons 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13.

In 2011-12, a special surprise “awaited” Messi. MARCA director Óscar Campillo awarded Messi a miniature golden boot and a golden pacifier for the upcoming birth of Messi’s son, Thiago.
As a true family man and teammate, Messi, always remembers to thank his family and his teammates, in his statements:

“I dedicate this award to my family – the people who are there in the toughest times – and my team-mates.”

Join the family of Shine4ever and create with us your own unique gift…and become the “winner” of the most important “game” of your life!

A “hidden” message!

A hidden message

We are speechless. There is nothing else to say. Our friend sent us her own and her baby’s maternity bracelets, but a “hidden” surprise awaited us inside the package. She had written a sweet message, full with words of appreciation and trust. We did not waste any time and with great care and love, we prepared these unique treasures to “wear their new clothes”.

We “coated” the maternity bracelets in pure silver 999° and then we placed each one of them on an acrylic base (plexi-glass). Finally, we chose two colorful boxes, pink for mommy and baby blue for her little boy and they were ready for their journey back to the beholders.

What are you waiting for? Send us your favorite items and we promise that we will make them “shine”…. 4ever!

With love,