A small family, a huge vision … Philippakis Art!

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My name is Niovi Anagnostopoulou.

My love for photography began when i was little.

I remember myself playing with my father’s camera at the age of 8 telling my younger sister how to pose.

With the camera in my hand i was feeling strong, like a super hero because i had the ability to pause time, moments, whatever i wanted!

I didn’t know it back then but after years i become a photographer myself.

I specialize in Fashion Photography, Artistic Photography and i won at the competition about Human Trafficking by the Embassy of the USA.

However as i am thinking about everything i have done so far, i realize that one of the toughest challenges was when I did my internship at the artistic workshop Philippakis Art.

A “small” family business which had worked with the largest museums of Greece.

So my i began my internship!

It was something completely new and different for me.

I had to photograph objects coated with shiny metal, to give them life, to put them into a story.

I had to find the best way to take the pictures just as i could see them, not the camera.

The beginning was difficult, but the good thing with families is that they are going to treat you  like their own child, they will show you the way.

Thanks to the guidance of Mrs Liz Philippaki and all the family  i managed within six months to become much better, gain knowledge, and learn everything about this job.

Most important  through our collaboration I learned so many things about  Greece and our culture and also through the Shine4ever.gr i learned that from

everyday moments we can create memories that last forever!

Shine4ever.gr is always open to new collaborations, but also give the opportunity to young students to make their internship , helping each other.

A small family, a huge vision … Philippakis Art!

As for me you can see my work at nioviphotography.blogspot.com and facebook Niovi Anagnostopoulou (page)