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Bronze Ballerina Pendant

Bronze Ballerina Pendant

And that’s how we started, everything was ready for our final rehearsal! All of them stood in line, standing on point  on the balls of their pointe. They were determined to give the performance of their lives. One hundred bronze and well polished ballerinas were hanging on their suede cords and they placed into beautiful purses. Another mission had come to an end.

A few days before Christmas and keeps on giving good-hearted gestures of love! This time, we were inspired by our deep love and great admiration for dance but also anything artistic and we decided to grant the 8th CHARITY – DANCE GALA S.I.S.CH.E. by donating as a gift to the participants of the dance schools a beautiful pendant with a bronze ballerina.

Thus, we support the  noble cause of the Gala to financially support charitable organizations, by joining artistic expression and civic responsibility and to give the opportunity to children from all parts of Greece, to express themselves on stage through dance, in an annual “celebration” of all types of dance.

With love,