Maternity Bracelet

The very first record of birth! The maternity bracelet can be “coated” with precious metal and become a unique gift, a shiny memorabilia!
It is one of the keepsakes that we moms, put together in a box, like the piece of the navel, the first hear and the first tooth and at a certain moment pass it on to our children!

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(Πιέστε με το βελάκι επάνω στην εικόνα για μεγέθυνση)


Baby’s maternity bracelet:
Silver-plated on acrylic base:34,90€
Gold-plated on acrylic base: 44,90€
Silver 999° on acrylic base:49,90€


Mother’s maternity bracelet:
Silver plated with plexi-glass base:44,90€
Gold plated with plexi-glass base:54,90€
Silver with plexi-glass base:79,90€

Free laser engraving name & date!

Dispatching by courier service ELTA Porta-Porta:

– Attica                      5,00 euro

– Rest of Greece   5,80 euro