Taurus silver baby rattle! New in our collection!

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NEW!!!  Taurus silver baby rattle! New item in our collection, an inspiration from ancient Greek art of toys. A great collection of ancient toys has been found and it contains items that were given to newborns in their cribs. One well known is the “seistron” (a rattle made of clay). In ancient Greece, the rattles in the shape of animals were especially popular …

Dinosaur. A special gift for my son!

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We did this as well! We coated a small dinosaur plastic toy and we created a special gift for a mom to her son! Chose one of his favorite toy and make a shiny memory out of it, that will last for ever! <3 www.shine4ever.gr           #special_gifts #custom_gifts #shine4evergr #makeyourowngift #celebrate_with_style #surprise #birthday #newborn #christening #express_your_love

Summer Vacations are On!

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Summer vacations are ON! Our workshops will be closed from 12 – 28 August! Have fun and relax!    #summer #vacations #greek_summer #fun #relax#enjoy_the_sea #philippakisart  #handmade#museum #replicas

A true heirloom! Grandmother’s silver cup & pacifier!

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A true heirloom! Grandmother’s silver cup & pacifier! We were asked to “shape-up” these two unique items which belong to a french grandmother for her grandson to be baptized. She came one day over to our workshops and she said “I have these two from my own christening ceremony in Alexandria, Egypt, 100+ years ago and I would like to …