Not “The End”… just a New Beginning!

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First things first, my name is Konstantina Fotiou and for the past two years I had been working at Philippakis Art workshops, which specialize in the creation of museum replicas, unique artwork and personalized gifts with sentimental value. From my perspective, they have been two truly educational years. One of the first things that I learned while working at the …

Silver 999° lego-themed penadant

Having fun with Rea!

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We really had too much fun, collaborating and discussing with Ms Rea Toutounzi about at her show “Dream Day” on Channel 9! During our interview, we informed the viewers about the great possibilities and the unique gift ideas, everyone can create with us, turning an old memorable item into a shiny memorabilia! Rea, being a fan of Lego blocks, …

Ancient Wine Jug, Gold-plated Lucky Charm

A jug full of wishes!

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As we head into the new year, Museum Masters, is excited to share with you our “lucky” charm, which according to tradition is offered  for good luck. The “Ancient Wine Jug“, our charm for the year 2015, aims to “unite” the ancient Greek tradition with our everyday life, and has many elements from Ancient Greece and a toast for peace for the upcoming new year. This characteristic beak-spouted jug is a fine example of the Prepalatial Minoan …

ART OBJECTS: Art an Integral Part of Our Lives

ART OBJECTS: Art an Integral Part of Our Lives!

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Museum Masters, in cooperation with Palmie Bistro, is pleased to invite you to a unique exhibition of selected works of art entitled “ART OBJECTS: Art an Integral Part of Our Lives”. Items will be displayed at Palmie Bistro restaurant at Kefalari, starting December 4th, 2014, until January 10th, 2015. The exhibit, under the direction and experience of Mrs Dorit Meir, will …