A true heirloom! Grandmother’s silver cup & pacifier!

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marieangeA true heirloom! Grandmother’s silver cup & pacifier!

We were asked to “shape-up” these two unique items which belong to a french grandmother for her grandson to be baptized.

She came one day over to our workshops and she said “I have these two from my own christening ceremony in Alexandria, Egypt, 100+ years ago and I would like to offer it to my grandson who lives in Brussels.  Do you think that you can polish the silver cup and engrave on it a name and a date?! Could you also put together this broken silver rattle and it’s ivory handle?! There are some little round bells as you can see that are missing. Could you probably copy one and replace the two missing?!

We were truly touched! Two pieces of art handmade by silver 75 years ago! Still shining the memories of that special event, her christening ceremony!

We did! We handled with care and enthusiasm these two items to be brought in life again and accomplish a new “mission”! This is a photo after the whole restoring procedure and she could not believe in her eyes! She was so happy that she could finally pass over to her grandson this treasure of hers!

We are so proud that we can give so much joy and happiness through our shine4ever memorabilia project!

Thank you Marie-Ange <3

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