Christmas Charms

Christmas in the workshop… of Shine4ever

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Christmas Charms

Christmas Charms

 Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like you to bring me …

Few days left till Christmas and the “elves” of our workshop, await for your  letters to Santa Claus  and your own suggestions to make these holidays even more special.

Everything works perfectly, scissors cut the metals into beautiful designs, rasps smoothen edges,  brushes polish ornaments and each of our masterpieces are “dressed” festively by our craftsmen.

Balls and ornaments crafted in bronze, silver and gold, wait to be hung on your Christmas tree and stunning charms with festive and colorful tufts are ready to decorate every corner of your home or to be given as a gift, in order to bring you good luck. Pomegranates and snowflakes, stars and hearts, trees, acorns and mistletoes are in line to surprise and impress you and your beloved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? You only need to ask Santa Claus and us to create unique ornaments, charms and gifts to make these holidays even more “bright” and “shiny”.

Because in  the myth of Christmas… comes true!

With love,