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Shine4ever.gr, can give you solutions in that field as well!

Use the product itself to create a piece of art out of it!

 The “J&B” whisky miniature bottle was one of our first cooperations in 1990 in the creation of a unique and branded business gift.

In a limited number of items, made by pure silver 999 and baring the names of the companies’ Directors that it was addressed to. A unique opinion leaders’ gift, which not only promoted the name of the company but the image as well!

But even if you cannot use the packaging of the product or the product itself we can create a mould and “work” with it.

A glass or plastic bottle, a paper packaging, a wooden cloth pin, a tennis ball, a bowling pin and whatever you think.

Come with us and we will travel you in the fantastic world of art and creation, like no one else knows…     Shine4ever.gr