Easter eggs by Shine4ever

The Easter gift hunt!

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Easter eggs by Shine4ever

Easter eggs by Shine4ever

Did you already started the “hunt” for your easter eggs and gifts? Shine4ever celebrates Easter and brings the festive mood to your home with original gift ideas for all your friends!

We created a special Easter gifts category, that includes a silver Easter egg with relief themes of the Birth and the Resurrection of Christ,as well as, a pendant in the shape of an egg with paisley. You can also choose among our silver and bronze crosses and the egg-shaped tealight, crafted by the artist Marios Voutsinas.

We may also recommend to you gifts for our “little” friends. Create unique gifts from our Toys category  or decorate your easter candle with a silver duck or a gold-plated Easter egg, colored ribbons and tiny “playful” ladybugs.

Our ideas for these festive days are endless! Create your own Easter charm with designs, inspired by spring, such as eggs, ladybirds, baby chicks, flowers and rabbits! Celebrate with us this year’s Easter and offer unique moments of joy to all friends and your loved ones!

For purchases made directly by card, visit our online shop, Museum Masters.

Shine4ever wishes you a Happy and Blessed Easter!

With love,