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Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition “SYMBOLS”

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition “SYMBOLS”

We are inspired by Art, therefore, we try everyday to expand our collaborations with Greek designers and artists of the modern Greek jewelry world. We are proud to announce the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition “SYMBOLS”, created by the Association of Greek jewellery designers “Jewellery Art Workers” (J.A.W), from  May 31 to June 9. Just a few days left to admire unique creations and jewelry that will travel you through the mysterious world of symbols.

42 Artists – Distinguished Designers create a dialogue around contemporary symbolisms formulated into jewels, using various materials and mediums. Those jewels resist the ravages of time and arrive as fragments in future, carrying coded information – symbols of our times.

The past is reinterpreted, the present is recorded and the messages are transferred into the future, using Inspiration as guide and Art as vehicle!

The exhibition takes place at the Industrial Gas Museum, in  the “Technopolis”- City of Athens. Do not miss it!

With love,