Happy Halloween!

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In the traditional culture of some regions of Greece like PatraXanthi and Athens there are since the last century traditions similar to Halloween but are mostly like the Rio Carnival,Feast of Fools and Mardi Gras. These celebrations are observed on February with big carnivals and parades. These celebrations ascended from ancient feasts for Dionysus (an ancient god) and are called Apokries or Triodio.

So i wonder why we enjoy so much the Apokries! Is it because is an old tradition with our parents and our family, where we went to carnivals and wore our new uniforms and running to the streets?

Or is the ability to play another role?

Because behind the mask we can be transformed into whatever we want. We can become anyone.

The madness rushing through the streets, forgetting for a moment the difficulties of everyday life and no responsibility for nothing because that’s we like to enjoy Halloween.

Make a difference this year!

Take masks, whatever masks you can imagine, whatever shape, whatever color and size and give them to us here in Shine4ever, to coat them with shiny metal,to make them unique.

If you missed us it is fine.Give us your mask after the carnival to change into memories as we know how to do it!

However, we already have done ours and we are ready for the carnival!

Happy Halloween!