How can you hide from kids…!

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Νursery school - Νηπιαγωγείο

Νursery school – Νηπιαγωγείο

Today, I read a post by Aspa on facebook and I “saw” myself …! She participates in a campaign, run by the company that in the last 40 years, has made its brand a generic name of a product totally related with our childhood bumps, minor injuries and that I am sure that we all understand which is that…! She says at one point and I quote:

“The reaction of my children when they fell and hit, it was to turn and look at me to see my reaction. It’s incredible but their reaction depended on my reaction! If I had remained smiling, they got up and continued as if nothing happened. If they saw me anxious, they would start crying. “

This is what really happens! Our experience, my husbands and I, showed us that children eventually grow and shape their character through our own reactions and especially the way we treat things! So it is very simple, as we treat them, they will treat us in the future. This, of course, is one key parameter.

We build over our behavior a whole personality, as inconceivable as it may seem to you. At least, this is my opinion now, that our son is 24 years old and do his Masters in Sweden and our daughter is 19 years old and is in the second year of studies in Gymnastics, and works to be able to do workouts and also have the pocket money.

With patience, perseverance and as calm as possible one can be, all things will get in place eventually.