The gifts of nature



The time has come for us to stand still for a moment. Go out for a walk in the nature and start observing it’s beauties.  Take a few deep breaths and see with the eyes of our soul and heart how truly simple things are!

The gifts of nature

The pursuit of success, recognition and acceptance, pulled us off the road. We drove into a side street that unfortunately did not take us anywhere. And of course you all remember this famous text that was released by mail and through social media, how things were in the past.                  20-30 years ago, say, we were playing outside in the streets, we did not care if we will fall and hit, we shouted, run, would go a little further, no matter if later we would be punished.

Then of course the kids had less homework, learned a foreign language, a sport and that, actually, after primary school (!) Tutorial was atteneded only by those who wanted to go to the university – because that always existed, in Greece. Those who could,went on to graduate studies, several simultaneously worked, lived with their parents, as today and most of them succeeded in their lives!

Suddenly, however, things took a different turn. Suddenly, if you did not provide the children with two or three languages, two – three sports, private schools with up to 10 hours work per day, did not go every summer on vacations, did not have a made inside the house. ..  you did not do things right!

I always say, few and good! Everything in moderation! No exaggerations! I sometimes worried , if I did things properly, and if I should have done more things for my children?! Not that I also was not carried away, but I tried not to over do it!

Always, a walk in nature brought calmness in my thoughts and helped me to see things just as they are!

It helped me make my self-critisism and to confirm once again that happiness rests in simple things! I need to put the bases and all the rest will come with time, as it happens in nature around us!