“Seal” the message!

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Gold-plated Bracelet with engraved saying

Gold-plated Bracelet with engraved saying

Quotes, sayings, names, dates, initials… What would you like to engrave upon your jewellery? We already created a beautiful bracelet, made of gold-plated 24K bronze, by engraving upon it the ancient proverb “outhen matin i physis poiei” by the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, which means that “nature does not create anything without a purpose”.

You can make any jewellery special and unique by engraving your personal message upon it . A message that reflects your love or your wishes and it will add a greater sentimental value to your gift. Seal your love by engraving an important date or quote for which you will be remembered forever.

Choose the font you like between Arial or Monotype or Snell, write your special message and we will engrave it on a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or even on a pair of earrings. The engaving of our products is made by laser and we can assure you that we always provide you the best quality results.


With love,