“To my teacher”

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Celebrationg last day in kindergardem!

Celebrationg last day in kindergardem!

Right before the last week of July 2015, we had the most unexpected request,  to create a silver guitar pick…

A mom asked us to engrave on a silver guitar pick a dedication “To my teacher” and sign on the back of the pick the name of her six year old son and the date of his “graduation” from kindergarden!

She wanted to give him something different from what we moms occasionally give to  the teachers of our children! Something that he would keep, something to remind him of little Michalis… she said. So, she chose the silver guitar pick with this particular engraving since his teacher is a musician, plays the electric guitar and he “rocks” as the little one told us!

The mother did the following beautiful thing the day she came to pick up the gift. She brought with her, her son, basically all the family, dad and her younger son. Once they entered the workshop, I opened the box and gave little Michalis the silver guitar pick to see, to touch and understand what we have created for his beloved teacher. His first teacher!

He took it in his hands and started examining it, he showed it to his brother and then his mother asked him “what do you think Michali?!” And the answer was “yes mom, I like it!” followed by a huge smile.

And with this “family” smile they closed the door of our workshop behind them.

Each object bears a beautiful story…

Happy summer to all!!!

With love,


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